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Mid Suffolk Liberal Democrats present budget proposals

by martinredbond on 20 December, 2007

At today’s Mid Suffolk District Council’s Executive Committee meeting Liberal Democrats made a number of alternative budget proposals that will help the Council to achieve its corporate objectives in 2007/08. “These proposals will also increase the Council’s engagement with local communities as well as its Parish Councils and Town Councils”, said Lib Dem Group Leader Penny Otton.

We are particularly anxious to improve the Council’s engagement with young people which is currently lacking in motivation and imagination. We have proposed that the Council sets up a Youth Council and introduces a series of Dragons Den style events in each of the District’s High Schools. This will give young people the opportunity to bid for funds and to become involved in rewarding community projects. Penny Otton also said that the Council must work more closely with local communities. “We are in favour of setting up area forums that will give people the opportunity to say what they want. We would also like  to introduce locality budgets that Councillors will be able to spend in their wards in consultation with the people they represent.”  

The Liberal Democrats are also calling on Council officers to showcase energy saving technologies and promote available advice and grants. It is time that the Council led the way on issues relating to climate change. We are proposing that the council runs a number of ‘Green Day’ events throughout the District.  

Penny Otton also said that the Council should be taking more action on minimising packaging waste, recycling and car sharing schemes. “Liberal Democrats want the Council to work together with local retailers to remove plastic bags from the District and are proposing that reusable shopping bags, sponsored by local businesses, should be made available to the public”.  

We also proposed a campaign to remove chewing gum from the streets of Stowmarket and are promoting  the idea of Green Gyms that are already running elsewhere in the country. These are designed to inspire people to improve their health and the environment through practical conservation projects. Green Gyms  will provide the public with a healthy alternative to the Leisure Centre and will give vulnerable people opportunities for social contact and to develop new skills.

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