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Ballot for new leader

by martinredbond on 27 November, 2007


Have now returned my ballot form for the Liberal Democrat leadership election. Fortunately we have two excellent candidates so it has been a diffficult decision. However, I have decided to back Nick Clegg. Having watched him on Question Time I believe he has the charisma and ability to connect with the voters.  He appears to have the support of most of the Liberal Democrat MPs and has been well received by the membership too. He should also appeal to the wider population. We, Liberal Democrats, need a renewed vision and I believe that Nick is well-placed to both inspire and articulate this so that we can win many more seats across the country. He clearly has the charisma and ability to be able to present the Liberal Democrat case to a wide range of people who are increasingly turned off by the other two old parties. I now look forward to the result due to be announced in the week before Christmas.

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