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Extended schools

by martinredbond on 27 November, 2007

The Claydon High School Extended Schools Governor Working Group has met with Jeanette Hunt, Extended Schools Development Officer (West Ipswich Cluster) for an update on progress to date and governance issues.  The idea is that Extended Schools will provide a range of services and activities often beyond the school day. The Government believes that Extended Schools will act as a hub for community services. Included will be childcare, homework clubs, parenting support, referral to specialist support services and community access to ICT, sports/arts facilities and adult learning.  Claydon is already well down the road to providing such services and exciting plans are well in hand to enhance these further. We, the Governors have agreed an action plan that will ensure that everybody in the community is fully informed of the objectives of the scheme and is made aware of what is currently on offer. Also that the school understands what services the community needs and what it wants to achieve.

For more information on Extended Schools

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